Open Space / 50 fluorescent office lights

    2018 Installation, 50 fluorescent office lights with starters, motion detector with timer, 3600 W, 270 000 lumen. The lights turn on if the visitor comes close to them, after certain period the lights turn off. In the exhibition “Open Space” this piece was representing fragility.   Exhibited: Open Space, Pitevna Gallery, Brno,

Open Space / installation

    2018 Installation, aluminium office blinds, 4,4 m x 4,4 m x 2,2 m   The maze made out of aluminium blinds. Blinds can be opend so the whole space becomes transparent. In the exhibition “Open Space” this piece was representing visibility.   Exhibited: Open Space, Pitevna Gallery, Brno, CZ, (2018), curator: Petr

Heat Wave / installation

    2018 installation, caravan, camping table chairs and table, street light, crickets   Exhibited: Heat Wave, City gallery Blansko, CZ, curator: Jan Zálešák, (2018) * solo exhibition   Foto report: Artalk   Noneverything, 4+4 days in motion, 24th international festival of contemporary art, Prague, CZ, curator: Milan Mikuláštík, (2019)   Foto report: Artalk     Private collection  

Heat Wave / installation

    2018 Installation, 12 objects.   Exhibited: Urban Skanzen, Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague Biennale, Prague, CZ, (2018)   Heat Wave, TRAM gallery, Bratislava, SK, curator: Juraj Čarný, (2019)   Future Of the Wheel, Kastiel Moravany, SK, curator: Milan Mikuláštík, (2021)     Private collection

Miss You / installation

    2017 installation 450 x 620 x 230 cm glass, metal frames, 9 mm bullet, safety light, fluorescent lights with motion sensors   Exhibited: Miss You, Galerie Luxfer, Česká Skalice, CZ, curator: Luděk Rathouský, (2017) * solo exhibition   Review:   Miss You!, Nevan Contempo Gallery, Prag, CZ, (2020) * solo exhibition   Foto report:

Blind Spot / object

    2016 object, table and chair in 4 pieces     Exhibited: Blind Spot, Nevan Contempo Gallery, Prague, CZ, curator: Mikuláš Nevan, (2016) * solo exhibition   Review: Artalk  

Sleepless / installation

    2014 installation, furniture, author’s wallpaper   The furniture was used for the shooting of video Sleepless.   Exhibited: Sleepless, Galerie u Dobrého Pastýře, Brno, CZ, curator: Marika Kupková, (2014) * solo exhibition   Review: Artalk Review: FlashArt 35/2015