Blind Spot / video




2 versions:

A/ 3 channel video, 6:43 min seamless loop, 3840 x 720, 5 channel sound Dolby surround.


B/ 1 channel video, 6:43 min seamless loop, 1920 x 1080, 5 channel sound Dolby surround.


Production, camera, editing, post-production: David Mozny.

Sound recording and mastering: Aleff.



Video is based on the gap between what is seen and what is heard. We hear someone who breaks into the space we see, searching furiously

through the drawers, bursting up the furniture doors, loading a gun, litting a cigarette and finally the invisible intuder leaves the scene which is

exactly the same as it was before.


Video was shot at the manager’s office of the former STASI prison in Berlin. The sound was recorded independently on video in the artist’s studio.




A: Blind Spot, Nevan Contempo Gallery, Prague, CZ, curator: Mikuláš Nevan, (2016) * solo exhibition


B: Blind Spots, Galerie Kabinet T, Zlín, CZ, curator: Jan Zálešák, (2017) * solo exhibition