Limbo Hardware / installation




Installation in 7 parts, 51 x 266 x 500 cm each.

Plasterboard, metal construction, paints, lights, carpets, tiles, false marble, glass, blinds, doors,

wallpaper, mirrors, slot machine, LED strip, vinyl floor, alarm, sensor, tv, movie, central heating

body, light switch, ceiling tiles, sockets.



Limbo Hardware, Prague Quadriennial 2023, Czech representation, Prag, CZ, curator: Pavel Švec, (2023) * solo exhibition



Blink of an Eye, Fait Gallery, Brno, CZ, curator: Pavel Švec, (2021)* solo exhibition



Best Concept in the Exhibition of Contries and Regions (2023)

Volkswagen Award for the Most Sustainable Exhibitions (2023)



David Kořínek, PAUSE/PLAY, ART ANTIQUES, 07/2021