Miss You / Luxfer Gallery, Česká Skalice, CZ / 2017 * solo exhibition


Luxfer Gallery, Česká Skalice, CZ

8.12.2017 – 28.1.2018

Curator: Luděk Rathouský


Exhibited work:

Miss You / installation / 2017


Review: Denik.cz


The medium of David Možný (*1963) is digital animation and installation. In it, he works with the visuals and aesthetics of past times, especially the 70s and 80s. It animates found period materials (old dictionaries, clippings from magazines about living and housing culture) and original interiors or architectural elements. Rahova (2008), animated panel blocks of the Bucharest housing estate of the same name, undoubtedly belong to his most famous works. Possible examines the phenomena of utopia and its parallels or opposites: heterotopia and dystopia. Technically, David Možný works with multi-channel projection, allowing the viewer multiple perspectives. It blurs his perception of space, which he treats as a formative element closely connected to the sound track. For Galeria Luxfer, David Možný prepared a monumental site-specific installation, moving the relationship between time and space into new contexts. Similar to the author’s other installations, the viewer inside feels uncertain. Možný works with the expression of space as a formative element, focused on its examination and articulation. Details reveal the structure of things, disrupt their function. The environment creates an impression of discomfort and crampedness. The title Miss You can be interpreted in two ways: the English verb „to miss“ can be read as „to miss someone“ but also as „to miss the target“ – the viewer will realize the full meaning of these expressions upon entering the installation.
Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová