Multipolarity / GDM Contemporary, Ostrava, CZ / 2023


GDM Contemporary, Ostrava, CZ

27. 4. – 3. 6. 2023

Curator: Tomáš Koudela


Exhibited works:

Watching windows / 2022

Open Space / 2022

Loaded / test / 2022

Urbania S1_01 / 2023

Blink of an Eye / Less Than / 2023

Miss You / Golden edition / 2020

I don´t exist when You don´t see Me / 2019


Group exhibition: Martin Kocourek (CZE), František Kowolowski (CZE), Stefan Milkov (CZE), David Možný (CZE), Libor Novotný (CZE), Bongchull Shin (KOR)



The receptivity of artistic expression to the possibility of being part of the audience’s narratives, as well as the possibility whose extension is the audience as a full part of the artists‘ creative narratives. In the present tense, not in eternity! It’s a matter of practice… It’s a matter of dialogue… It’s a matter of coexistence, or cohabitation. It is a matter of expanded horizons, not of excavated maternal territories and exploited paternal sacred precincts. It is a matter of disappearing ancestral boundaries, which nevertheless persist in our memory as a theme for rethinking the genealogy of the world… Not, as a unipolar generic entity of fellow tribesmen, but a vernacular, domestic, folk, local, neighborly, or multipolar world.

Tomáš Koudela