Open Space / 50 fluorescent office lights




Installation, 50 fluorescent office lights with starters, motion detector with timer, 3600 W,

270 000 lumen.

The lights turn on if the visitor comes close to them, after certain period the lights turn off.

In the exhibition “Open Space” this piece was representing fragility.



Open Space, Pitevna Gallery, Brno, CZ, (2018), curator: Petr Kamenický * solo exhibition


Foto report:

Review: Kulturní noviny


Lowdown, Gallery Jelení, Prague, CZ, curator: Pavel Vančát, (2019) *solo exhibition


OFF festival, Bratislava, SK, (2019)


Once Again, Please, Telegraph Gallery, Olomouc, CZ, curator: Miroslav Jiřele, (2021)