Virtual Soul Waste / video




1 channel video, 3:20 min



Virtual soul waste video is a short visual narrative taking us on a trip through the world of odinary

urban environments. It is made out of digitalised offset prints taken from books on 70’s socialist

architecture and about houskeeping. Crumbling scenes of buildings and empty rooms evoke the

intimate atmosphere balancing between cosiness and cataclysm.


music: dupx lyrics, vocals: pawlee, band: nase vec


major screenings:

Virtual soul waste, Hidden Europe, Onedotzero selection of Czech video, ICA, Londýn, EN, (2004)

FACT, Liverpool, EN, (2004)

Virtual soul waste, Bitfilm, Hamburg, *** 1st prize fx mix, (2004)

Virtual soul waste, Animago, Stuttgart, *** 2nd prize /home compositing/music video, (2004)

Virtual soul waste, Kaleidoskop, contemporary czech video, Barcelona, SP, (2004)

Frisbee, Contemporary Czech Videoart And New Media, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Romania) MNAC, Buchaterst, RO, curator: František Kowolowski (2006)